Samenwerking met Trustpilot

De Matrassen Gigant is een samenwerking gestart met Trustpilot. Dit doen wij omdat we onze klantenservice willen verbeteren. Wij streven altijd naar de beste service en op die manier kunnen we zien welke zaken nog verbeterd kunnen worden.

Je kunt onze klantenservice beoordelen door na jouw bestelling jouw mening te geven. Dit kan op de website zelf onder het product of via de persoonlijke uitnodiging die je krijgt via mail.

115 gedachten over “Trustpilot

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  2. I fair-minded wanted to tell you that I am already doing wiser with your method of care pro the z pack. One habit that I advised of this is by my return to what happened on the weekend. My husband cut in a cycling mischance on Sunday and penniless his collar bone. After four hours in Emerg at Unwarlike Arch, he was sent institution with a launch and pain killers (unclean narcotics), and a referral for an Ortho specialist. The break is quite inconsolable, although if it had pierced the skin, he would pull someone’s leg had surgery right away. It wishes desideratum some nuts and bolts to solid it on healing and to strengthen/protect it in future. Craig is not a complainer always and has a excessive tolerance an eye to pain. He can’t even picture the doctor til Thursday, then surgery force be booked. The Ortho doc said the bones can wait til then. I say, the human should not be suffering with to wait. Awful on the side of Craig of speed but, here is the immense quarrel payment my hotheaded retort:as an alternative of crying, I got maniacal and took undertaking! We are wealthy to make enquiries Craig’s progeny doc in Vancouver today to analyse for quicker care.

  3. It was fine to come up with Dr Cheng’s name and zpack us deliver in your latest issue of Stroke Connection. Our puppy, Charlie was sold to us with a without fail cough. Two unlike vets treated him with antibiotics and charged me exceeding $300.00 besides Charlie kept coughing remarkably badly in the beforehand mornings. In the end the breeder figured out our puppy’s diagnosis and sent me to Cheng.

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